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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer vocal coaching as a resource to any vocalist that wants to expand their ability. Coaching sessions are one-on-one and can be provided with or without piano accompaniment. Through these sessions artist are given tools that will help build confidence, develop stage presence, and challenge them beyond limitations.


Committed to Quality

Songwriting consultations are also available to artist looking to transform their sound and take it to higher heights. Our team will work closely with the artist to create the desired sound. Our goal is to provide fresh ideas and concepts while working in partnership with the artist.


Exceeding Expectations

Through the use of technology, our goal is to help independent entertainment brands become more digital efficient.

We believe in the concept, of no more lost data and a truly mobile workflow.

 Utilizing cutting edge cloud based systems and mobile applications lets enhance your brand today. 


Client Focused

In the entertainment industry, success hinges on the idea of creativity and business working in unison. Let us become the business end left brain to your creative right. For us split sheets, works registration, distribution analytics, profile management and social branding is just business as usual. For you its the definition of your brand and success through life.


Breaking Boundaries

It’s showtime and you need to have a plan for what you want your audience to see. We offer strategic plan templates that can be molded to each artist desired expectations. Our stage management services are available to assist any artist that wants to create a show their audiences will never forget, while being mindful not to waste any of their valuable time.


Branding Excellence

Always staying connected to your number one interests, the fans. Utilizing new age marketing strategies, our goal is to assist you (the client) in the development or re-crafting of your evolving brand message. For artist, that message could evolve per each released album.


"SubjectViral is THE go-to source for all things marketing, promotional tools, and branding in the Kentucky market. Professional iA++ service and high quality product is what one receives from their team...invest in your future by enlisting the invaluable services from SubjectViral!"

Recording Artist: Semi

"The knowledge that SubjectViral gives has allowed me to understand my brand and make it better."

Recording Artist/Engineer: MethWun

"Theo from SubjectViral has helped me tremendously in my career. Being a producer and trying to break into a super saturated market is not easy but Theo has given me the keys to stay ahead. Plus he’s always been willing to help me expand my network."

Music Producer: Hanz Knobe

Artist Performing on Stage


Thank you for your interest in SubjectViral. Be sure to submit your full name, email and any other pertinent contact information into the message section below. Welcome to the Team!


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